Easiest Way to Lose Weight Fast – How Carbohydrates will Help You Lose Weight

Easiest Way to Lose Weight Fast – How Carbohydrates will Help You Lose Weight.

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How Carbohydrates will Help You Lose Weight
• Focus on low-glycemic-load plant foods
• Eat good quality carbs
o Green carbs – slow burning carbs such as in vegetables – eat liberally
o Yellow carbs – beans and whole grains (in moderation), fruits, nuts, seeds
o Red carbs – eat in limited amounts – starchy high glycemic cooked veggies, high sugar fruits
o Forbidden carbs – gluten containing carbs, dried fruit, resistant starch
Boost phytonutrients [hyperlink – this information needs to be present with this chapter/video
• Hunt for natural anti-inflammatories
• Eat your antioxidants
• Detoxify with Diet
• Have hormone balancing meals
• Use herbs
• Eat garlic and onions
• Try greet tea
• Choose dark chocolate

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